Bedtime Stories

The 2011-2012 SGA Executive Board is so excited to announce that Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm (right after Hell Week ends!), Mawrters will have the opportunity to hear Bedtime stories from members of the faculty and staff!
Traditionally, Bedtime Stories build community and provide Seniors the opportunity to share meaningful, witty, inspiring, humorous… stories to the first years students. Bedtime stories help build a strong community!

The SGA Executive Board ’11-’12 hopes to provide the space where similar sentiments can be recreated with faculty and staff.
President McAuliffe, Dean Rasmussen, Michaile Rainey, Angie Sheets and Elizabeth Mosier will share an experience that addresses the question:
“Was there a moment when you felt different because of socioeconomic class?”

We are very grateful for our Bedtime Storytellers and are excited about this wonderful opportunity to learn more about them.

Bedtime Stories, is an event in the series, “Storytelling: A Celebration of Class”
Please join us on Feb 23rd at 7pm
Rhoads Common Room.
There will be pizza (Of course!)


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