RFP Projects

The following projects were proposed by members of the Bryn Mawr community and awarded grants through the Diversity Council as an effort to increase dialogue and understanding of the role of socioeconomic class on campus.

Storytelling: A Celebration of Class The executive members of Bryn Mawr’s Self-Government Association brought together staff and faculty members for a “socioeconomic themed bedtime stories”, and created an art installation featuring personal stories of the Bryn Mawr community written on notecards.

Benchmark Using a “wheelbarrow bench” as a portable space and setting to hold casual conversations and interviews, this project aims to find where community members feel comfortable on campus and which spaces connote different meanings to people.

Mapping Out Class Professors Anne Dalke and Jody Cohen, along with students Jomaira Salas and Sarah Jenness, collaboratively taught two Emily Balch Freshmen seminars that focused on issues of socioeconomic class as it intersects with education.

Class in Session A short video documentary featuring staff members in the Bryn Mawr community and their views on socioeconomic class.

Class and Healthcare Sally Heimann, CRNP, from Bryn Mawr’s health center is conducting a series of interviews with community members about healthcare policy issues as they relate to socioeconomic class.

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